Humane Officer Tena Petix
The Kennett Humane Department is a city pound. We can NOT be a no kill facility because we often get animals (cats, dogs, squirrels, opossums, etc.) that have been hit by automobiles and animals from neglect and abuse cases that the veterinarians can not save. Animals that are too aggressive can not be adopted out. We do not get to pick what comes in. We must pick up the animals that are on the street, homeless or from cases that we work. We are always full. We are fortunate that with the help of the public, rescues and donations we are able to save most of the animals that come into our care. We could not operate without donations. The money donated is used for the animals care and/or for health certificates so animals can be transported to no kill facilities. (our vet records are open to the public) Donations are always appreciated. The public and our facebook friends are who make us successful.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact us anytime by contacting the Kennett Police Department at 573-888-4622

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